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1. I am a salesman's nightmare. I run a small research company and after five years of renovations and terrible experiences with contractors I ask a lot of questions and I check everything twice.

We have had two nightmare plumbers who could not or did not want to fix our 30 year old furnace, so I went shopping for boilers. Home Depot and Presidential made the first cut. The new furnaces are complicated, and there are multiple options. I asked for low, medium and high bids. The guy from Home Depot was good. Well informed, got back to me immediately. The guy/guys from Presidential were a little more like taking a class in heating and plumbing. They explained the reasons for doing different things, and the advantages and disadvantages. The prices were about the same. I was inclined to go with Presidential. I told the guy from Home Depot, and he said he could do the job for $1000 less, a significant discount. I asked him about his crew. Were they experienced? "Sure," he said. I said I wanted them to look at the jobs, just so we did not have any surprises. I called Presidential, and told them Home Depot offered to do it for less. Could Presidential match them. "No," he said, "but let me tell you what to ask Home Depot..." The Home Depot guys showed up. Nice guys. They looked it over and said they could do the job, but they did not point out parts of furnace that were in code violation (e.g. the chimney vents), or that they would install new pipes and valves. They said they would use some of the old pumps. They were not licensed plumbers.

So I went with Presidential. They did the job and there were no surprises. The work was super clean. It looks like an aircraft engine compared to the old furnace. We got two furnaces that work off an outdoor thermostat in addition to an indoor thermostat. Our heating bills were about 30 percent lower than last year.

I had them do some fancy plumbing in our bath. Again super clean. They actually finished in one long day. The last plumber took six weeks.

These guys are skilled craftsmen and way smart.

-John Kochevar

2. Tim and his crew did an outstanding job assessing the damage and resulting repairs, coordinating other contract services, and completing the job as quickly as anyone could reasonably expect, with minimal disruption to facility residents and staff, and at a reasonable cost under the circumstances.


3. I would not hesitate to recommend Presidential Plumbing and Heating to anyone. I have far fewer worries since I added Tim's phone number to my list.


4. We are delighted and grateful to have Presidential Heating and Plumbing as our contractor for all of our plumbing needs, both big and small


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